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Interpreting is a crucial aspect of any international event, and may adversely affect the success of
any event if not dealt with properly.
Sena França is aware of this, and always seeks to assign the professionals most knowledgeable in
the topics addressed by each event.

In-person Simultaneous Interpreting

In this type of interpreting, the speaker speaks in a language different from the official language of the event, and is simultaneously translated into the language of the participants by interpreters
located in a sound-proof booth. The attendees listen to the translation using headsets distributed at the beginning of the event, or using their own mobile phone.


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

In this type of interpreting, the speakers, the participants and the interpreters may all be remote, or in hybrid mode, in which case some may be online, and others in person. This method uses interpreting-enabling platforms such as Zoom, which is the most widely used, or
else Kudo, Interprefy, Interaction, Catalava and Olyusei.


Consecutive Interpreting

This type of interpreting is used mainly in more informal contexts, and does not require the use of booths or specific sound equipment. In this interpreting mode, the speaker usually speaks short segments in one language, and the interpreter subsequently reproduces the spoken cluster in another language.


Court Interpreting

This mode is used mainly in court, where the interpreter mediates the dialogue between the judge and the defendant, or a witness who does not speak the language of the country. In this case, the interpreter must be a sworn translator/commercial interpreter, and must therefore have passed the public competitive examination, be eligible, and be registered at the Board of Trade of the respective state.


Notary Public Office

This interpreting mode is used mainly in cases where one of the parties does not speak the language of the country, such as marriage between a foreigner and a Brazilian, powers of attorney, common-law marriages (stable unions), antenuptial agreement, and purchase and sale of property, among other applications.



This mode of interpreting is used especially in the context of visits/inspections/audits to hospitals, plants, farms, schools, and field missions, where the interpreter translates the speaker to a small group of people, using a mobile interpreting device or not.


Market Research

This is the approach used mainly by manufacturers of consumer and technological products, and medicines, to probe the habits of consumers, patients, physicians and professionals, to detect trends and needs, with the ultimate goal of guiding their manufacturing and marketing decisions.

It can be carried out with in-depth individual interviews (IDIs), and focus groups mediated by specialized moderators, either in-person or remotely.


Other services

Interpreting Services in Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish, in addition to English.

Translation and transcripts of audios and videos, in addition to assistance in deciding the best type of interpreting service to be used in a specific type of event, and recommendations for sound equipment companies.


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