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30 years of interpreting and translation services.

Responsability and punctuality



We serve clients from the banking and financial sectors, and multinational companies in general, as well as private individuals. We are experts in legal translation and court interpreting, but also offer the same level of excellence in other areas.


In-Person Simultaneous Interpreting and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI), Consecutive Interpreting, Escort Interpreting, and Court Interpreting.

Our team is prepared to give voice to your words.


Free and Sworn Translations.


Best cost effectiveness ratio. Trustworthy service backed by long-standing market presence.


The proven reliability of our court services is certified by a public competitive examination that has qualified our team members to render legal translations and interpreting.


Operating on the market since 1992, we provide translation and interpreting services in English and Portuguese with acknowledged punctuality and excellence.

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Sena França serves a globalized market with growing demands for greater agility and more efficient communication.

Our clients include law firms, companies from the banking, financial and medical fields, and multinationals, not to mention private individuals.

Our initial focus was sworn and non-sworn translations of legal, business, financial, educational and technical texts, in addition to school documents for exchange programs and specialization courses abroad.

With time we expanded our line of business, and started to offer in-person and remote
simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conventions, conferences, business meetings, training sessions, workshops and market research, in addition to court interpreting.



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+55 (11) 3288-1271  

Alameda Franca 63 - conj. 172 

São Paulo, SP Brasil   01422-000

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